Here's How We Help ACTION Takers Dominate In Their Mission Driven Lane:


We've created tools in response to the common desire to fulfill one's purpose but not knowing how to do so.


World changing missions require world changing connections. Our members collaborate to bring their visions to life.


Do employers care what God put their staff here to do? We do! We empower our Community Outreach Reps to believe they can fulfill their Kingdom missions.


Brandon Gates

On a mission to help close the wealth gap for the glory of God.

"ACTION has helped me overcome many obstacles in my life by helping me become a better father, friend and all around better man. I'm a king!"

Kenny Lucky

On a mission to help young men discover and live out their authentic identity.

"ACTION has helped me realize God's purpose for my life is to glorify Him and helped me identify my personal mission and vision."

Larenzo Fisher

On a mission to help youth go to college and finish.

"ACTION is life changing! It has helped me discover my mission, position myself to build my legacy starting by seeking first the Kingdom of God."

Brian Sims

On a mission to help young men become overcomers.

"ACTION has helped me discover my identity in Christ, discover my personal mission and secure paying opportunities so I can wake up and do what I love every day."

Theresa Patterson

On a mission to empower mothers of the next generation to discover their mission, heal their hearts and boss up!

"ACTION has helped me discover my Kingdom mission, start serving the people I’m called to serve, build my confidence in my ability to do so, grow closer to God, feel closer to God and understand Him more while earning income in my calling. I've learned how to create opportunities to confidently fulfill my mission knowing it’s what God wants me to do and He will provide in the process." 

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